John War: “Real Life”

John War is a Los Angeles producer and singer who makes gorgeous, haunting electronic pop that flirts with R&B and psychedelic textures.

His latest release, “Real Life,” is a poignant mid-tempo ballad featuring glitchy high-hats, fluttery keyboards and a swelling chorus that crescendos beautifully amidst a mood of somber reconciliation. His vocals are direct, gentle and comforting, and the lyrics touch on the duality of life, and the longing for true romantic escape.

Sonically, the song’s hazy, lo-fi layers are reminiscent of the indie stylings of Washed Out, while the more beat-driven electronic flourishes are in the vein of modern R&B acts like Autre Ne Veut and dvsn.

“Real Life” is his first solo release following his recent production work on a number of songs for fellow up-and-coming L.A. singer-songwriter Jordan Raf. An official full-length effort is also in the works. In the meantime, listen to “Real Life” below via SoundCloud.

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