Revisiting Asterisk*’s “Dogma 1: Death of a Dromologist”

Justin Pearson is a legendary musical figure in San Diego, having fronted noise bands such as The Locust and Swing Kids and performed in groups like Head Wound City and Dead Cross. He also runs the prolific local label Three One G, which specializes in records in the noise rock, grindcore, math-rock and powerviolence genres. He manages the label with his own tastes in mind, often having to “cut his losses” when it comes to profiting off of certain releases. Quality, as opposed to commercial viability, reigns supreme in his work ethic.

There’s a terrific interview that was just released on the Three One G site between Pearson and collaborator Jonas Rosen of the Swedish grindcore band Asterisk* in which the two friends re-visit the 2000 Asterisk* album Dogma 1: Death of a Dromologist, which Three One G released. In the interview, they discuss the origins of Asterisk*, how they originally linked up to release the record, the band’s sonic nuances, the challenges Pearson faced in getting the record out to the public, and the differences between the punk/hardcore scenes in Umea, Sweden and San Diego.

It’s an illuminating discussion on how musical projects come together, and how tricky it can be releasing and promoting music that is darker, noisier, and bit more niche. The interview serves as a vital re-introduction to a brutally beautiful album that was, sadly, largely ignored at the time of its release. Click HERE to read the full interview, and HERE to purchase the CD from the Three One G web store.

And dust the cobwebs off Dogma 1 by listening to track “Stasis Is Death” below:

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  • February 28, 2018 at 10:14 am

    Great interview!


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