mUsa: “It Be Like That”

We featured New Jersey rapper mUsa’s cerebral track “Demons” on our March Barn Playlist (which you can listen to HERE), and now he’s released a fiery new banger called “It Be Like That.”

With production work from LevitatingMan and Chango Snow, “It Be Like That” is the most energetic song that mUsa has released to date. Brimming with attitude and unbridled confidence, his aggressive flow complements the song’s heavy, blown-out, clanging tin can and bass beats. His delivery is ferocious and unwavering as he takes shots at various antagonists— “bringing back rage” while dwelling in his “batcave,” among other dark imagery.

Overall, the track is a biting statement of defiance, and a creative step forward for the up-and-coming hip-hop artist. Perhaps a full-length release is on its way? Listen to “It Be Like That” below via SoundCloud:


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