ORKA: “Juno”

ORKA is a London-based electronic music duo hailing from the Faroe Islands. They make dark, pummeling tech house with an emphasis on propulsive rhythms and staticky atmospherics.

Their latest single “Juno” is an adrenaline-fueled slow-burner that begins with clanging, minimal beats and eventually snowballs into a high-energy industrial house banger. Harsh dissonance and sharp, crisp percussion punctuate this dense track, which ebbs and flows in phases like a true sonic journey. It’s a glorious slice of U.K. warehouse techno, evoking an ominous atmosphere of piercing strobes and sweaty head-banging.

The music video perfectly captures that vibe. It features deftly-edited footage of them performing the song at a festival – flashing lights and fog machines abound. Watch it below and check out more of their music HERE.

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