mUsa: “TSA”

mUsa is on an absolute ROLL this year. The up-and-coming New Jersey rapper kicked off 2018 with the spacey, cerebral anthem “Demons” (which we featured on our March Barn Playlist), and a couple weeks ago he unleashed the up-tempo banger “It Be Like That.” Now, he’s released the best song of his young career, a personal, introspective hip-hop ballad called “TSA.”

The beat is catchy and infectious, and features a flowing piano melody that packs a moody punch. mUsa’s verse feels highly confessional, as he ruminates on the stresses around him and how he reconciles: “They try to do the most/ They try to do my approach/ I don’t gotta try I just keep it fly/ That’s how I cope.” His delivery is stoic and crisp, but brimming with confidence and vulnerability all at once. Yung Enzo’s ethereal production provides the perfect complement to his incisive, personal rhymes. In his short career, mUsa has demonstrated impressive emotional depth and sonic diversity. “TSA” is another indication that he’s on the verge of a major commercial breakthrough. Check out the rest of his catalogue HERE and listen to “TSA” below via SoundCloud:

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