Best Picture: “Get U Thru” (feat. Max Green)

We covered Best Picture’s spacey Chester Watson-featuring single “Pantheon” and included it on our March Barn Playlist. Now, they’ve released a new track called “Get U Thru” featuring a vocal assist from LA musician Max Green. It’s a sweet, swelling slice of indie electro-pop, and it demonstrates another facet of Best Picture’s diverse approach to production.

“Get U Thru” is an intimate mid-tempo pop ballad stacked with propulsive hi-hats and punctuated with squeaky, pulsating synth lines that give it an emotional kick. Green – frontman of up-and-coming indie-rock bands Inspired & The Sleep and The Thens – provides crisp, soothing vocals that hit you with the feels. And the chorus is incredibly catchy: “If it can get you through the night / Could I get you to stay? / But if it makes you feel alright / That’s okay, shit don’t matter anyway,” he sings, longing for a romantic past. It’s a poignant song full of melancholy. Additionally, subtle production quirks saturate the song. Bendy synths and warped vocal samples crescendo in the final chorus in epic fashion. Overall, it’s passionate, heart-on-your-sleeve stuff.

It’s a seamless collaboration between Best Picture and Green, who’ve been friends since their high school days in San Diego. Lately, Best Picture have cut their teeth crafting cerebral tracks for rising rap stars like Lil West and Adamn Killa. But this latest single beautifully highlights their lush pop sensibilities. Expect to hear a lot more from them in the coming months. Check out the rest of their catalogue HERE, and listen to “Get U Thru” below via SoundCloud.

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