Exitmusic: “Trumpets Fade”

Exitmusic is a New York dream-pop duo consisting of Boardwalk Empire actress Aleksa Palladino and husband Devon Church. They’ve been making music together for over 10 years, but sadly, their upcoming album The Recognitions will be their last. And now, they’ve released a haunting new single from that album called “Trumpets Fade.”

Opening with a melodic guitar hook and Palladino’s smoky, smooth vocals, the track slowly adds subtle instrumental textures: trumpets, flickering bass lines, delicate keyboards, swirling synths, and propulsive drum machines. It is a bold and powerful dream-pop ballad touching on the fear of the unknown, and the clear path that emerges when those fears are cast aside. Eventually, the song chugs along and climaxes in a hazy whirlwind of ominous, dreamy soundscapes. For a band about to break up and explore new pastures, “Trumpets Fade” is a fitting, cathartic send-off; literal exit music, if you will. The Recognitions comes out on April 20 on felte, and you can pre-order it HERE. Listen to “Trumpets Fade” below via Bandcamp:

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