mUsa: “Please Shut The Fuck Up”

One of our favorite emerging rappers in the game right now is mUsa. We covered his singles “It Be Like That” and “TSA,” and also featured “Demons” on our March Barn Playlist. Now, he’s released a defiant and spacey new track called “Please Shut The Fuck Up.”

With production from his “Demons” co-conspirator RAGU, “Please Shut The Fuck Up” is a biting clap-back song. In a confident and concise flow that centers himself as a defender of the common people, mUsa takes shots at haters, posers, phonies, and the political sheep of America. “I be blessing, professin my grattitude / ‘Til my death I won’t switch up my attitude / I switch up the latitude, longitude / Can’t fuck with clones cause they tryna follow you,” he proclaims over RAGU’s wonky psychedelic beats. In addition, the track is full of mounting frustration, but it also functions as a triumphant battle-cry. mUsa has always been a combative musician full of pointed insights into the state of political discourse. Overall, the song feels like a rallying call to open people’s minds. It’s another dynamic track for the fiery up-and-coming New Jersey rapper.

With his steady stream of singles, a proper debut mUsa album could be in the pipeline. Whenever that drops, we’ll be sure to bring you coverage. Also, there’s a terrific interview he did recently with Mangal Media, which you can read HERE. In it, he discusses his musical influences, his upbringing as a Pakistani American, and the prejudice he’s faced along the way. And listen to “Please Shut The Fuck Up” below via SoundCloud.


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