Caffeine: “Universal Theme” EP

Caffeine is the moniker of Los Angeles producer Dylan Chase, who dabbles in a variety of electronic genres including house, techno, breakbeat, and acid house. Last year, he released his debut EP Birth of Ya, an eclectic mix of smoothly minimal and glitchy atmospheric techno. Now, he’s announced a new EP titled Universal Theme set for release later this summer.

Based on the snippets released so far, Universal Theme continues his roll of propulsive, laid-back house grooves with perhaps a heavier touch of synth experimentation. SIDE A includes two new songs “Universal Theme” and “Aqnoziu,” while the flipside features remixes of both by Roza Terenzi and SFV Acid, respectively. It’s a diverse and organic set of tracks sure to put you into a deep, chilled-out summer trance. Universal Theme comes out on June 18 by way of Third Try Records. You can pre-order it HERE. In the meantime, you can sample snippets of the record below via SoundCloud.

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