Tambourines: “Sunny Side” video & “Long Goodbye EP”

Tambourines are a dreamy psychedelic rock band from Los Angeles. Last year, they put out a colorful single called “Sunny Side,” which featured hazy lo-fi guitar melodies, propulsive rhythms, and wandering, atmospheric jams. It firmly positioned them as a band to watch within the LA indie scene. Now, they’ve released a trippy music video for the track, and it includes lots of bright costumes and darkly cerebral vibes.

The video opens on a desensitized man flipping through staticky TV channels in his living room, before landing on dreamy visuals of the band performing. As the clip progresses, the singer and guitarist don red robes, spooky white face paint, and religious garbtaking on the form of psychedelic spirits. By the end, the band members are sitting beside him on the couch, as if to serve as forces of comfort as he watches, numbly transfixed on the scene unfolding in front of him. It’s a quirky video full of dark, spiritual moods and lush color.

Also, last month Tambourines released a terrific EP called Long Goodbye. It includes two new songs–an upbeat self-titled single as well as a playful track called “Going Under.” You can purchase that album HERE or listen to it below via Bandcamp. And watch the video for “Sunny Side” below.

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