Topographies: “Roman Figure”

San Francisco shoegazers Topographies are one of our favorite emerging West Coast bands. We featured their anthemic song “Pink Thoughts” on our April Barn Playlist, and now they’ve released their debut self-titled 7″ as well as a video for new single “Roman Figure.”

As the heavier b-side to “Pink Thoughts,” “Roman Figure” opens with a fuzzy wall of lo-fi feedback before settling into a more traditional post-punk rhythm structure. It’s a decidedly darker and thrashier track, with piercing guitars and pulsating percussion yielding a more psychedelic, atmospheric vibe. The song blends fuzzy, propulsive guitar soundscapes in the vein of classic shoegaze acts like Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine, with the hard-charging post-punk rhythms of modern groups like Savages and A Place To Bury Strangers. Frontman Gray Tolhurst’s pure, soothing vocals solidify this lush, dreamy slice of new wave.

Also, the band has released a beautiful accompanying music video for the song. It features a colorful, kaleidoscopic collage of shots of the band performing the song, punctuated with frenetic, staticky visual overlays. Overall, it’s appropriately trippy, disorienting, and visually stunning. Topographies 7″ is out now; you can purchase the album HERE. Watch the video for “Roman Figure” below.

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