NariZu: “BOOFPACK,” “Sarah Lynn” & “Run Like Naruto”

In this modern era of Soundcloud-influenced hip-hop that tends to favor style over substance, there’s still a handful of rappers out there holding it down for the fans who prefer an equal dose of the visceral and the cerebral.

Enter NariZu, a 20-year-old rising rapper from New Jersey with impeccable flow, intellectual lyricism, and jaw-dropping, rapid-fire delivery. On his latest single “BOOFPACK,” he throws down a show-stopping verse that hits you with machine gun-like ferocity. Boosted by an icy, hollow beat drenched in ominous vibes, NariZu races through vivid lyrics that paint a picture of a supremely confident, clever, and honest MC: “I roll up a L and I smoke in the lobby / I really do rap shit it’s more than a hobby” he proclaims, following a slew of smart political and drug-related references. Also, in a slowed-down, baritone delivery, he claims he’s “feeling like I’m Batman when we speedin in the Coupe / Went a long way from smoking dimes on the fucking stoop”a verse that’s as cold and calculated as it is honest. It’s a colorful self-anthem that places him front-and-center within a youthful, emerging Jersey rap scene.

Also, his confessional track “Sarah Lynn”off his recent split single Entheogenfeatures a spacey, psychedelic beat and brutally truthful rhymes exploding with attitude and insight. Referencing the tragic character from Bojack Horseman (one of the greatest TV shows EVER), NariZu paints a symbolic picture of excess and victimhood, while also clapping back against his doubters: “They be like this shit you spitting / Won’t sell” he states, full of energy and defiance. Moreover, his up-tempo track “Run Like Naruto” is a fiery banger with astute lyrics and propulsive, blown-out beats ready-made for late-night raging. Each track he’s released so far has showcased a different facet of his heady, adrenaline-fueled persona. Between NariZu and mUsa, it appears that a fierce DIY rap scene is emerging in New Jersey right now. Check out the rest of his catalogue HERE, and listen to “BOOFPACK,” “Sarah Lynn,” and “Run Like Naruto” below via Spotify.

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