Terra Pines: “Terra Pines” LP

Terra Pines is grungy shoegaze trio from Queensland, Australia with a penchant for heavy lo-fi guitar riffs and stormy atmospherics. Back in February, they released a raw and punky EP called Manchausen, and now they’ve released their self-titled debut LP.

The songs on Terra Pines are beautiful and diverse, each one flowing neatly into the next. It’s a cohesive record bound together by dark, noisy soundscapes. For instance, opening single “Extreme Handshakes” features guitar riffs that stab and crash with crunchy, staticky energy. The track contains propulsive grunge elements, with the deep thudding bass lines giving it a dark, unnerving gloss. Throughout the album, the group members share vocal duties, typically harmonizing together in hypnotic ways. On the gazy, atmospheric “I’ll Be Sleeping,” the moaning, anthemic chorus “I’m always sleeping” echos over blaring lo-fi feedback. Overall, it’s one of the more sensory, psychedelic songs on the record. Also, the album has a penchant for bleak post-punk tones. The more minimal “Kidult” relies on gothic, pulsating bass notes before snowballing into dark, lush haziness. Meanwhile, the album’s high point “Others” combines everything essential about their music: dense instrumentals, ominous moods, searing energy, and an absolutely show-stopping shoegaze breakdown.

Despite being relatively new to the scene, this debut full-length has positioned Terra Pines as incendiary up-and-comers with huge potential to break through. Terra Pines is out now, and you can buy it HERE. Listen to a few tracks below via Bandcamp.

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