Myth X MRKRYL: “DIE 4 U”

Myth is a production and DJ duo from London, while MRKRYL is a producer from Calgary. Both are exciting up-and-comers with their own brand of dark, towering electronica. Now, they’ve combined forces to release “DIE 4 U,” a gazy blend of old-school witch-house and pulsating modern trap.

The song opens with a flurry of echoey vocal samples and droning, ominous bass. Slowly, it unfolds into a wave of ambient, swelling lo-fi soundscapes that build and crash as propulsive hi-hats send it to stratospheric heights. The intimate midsection breakdown samples a monologue from Scarlett Johansson’s A.I. character Samantha in Her. Here, introspective themes of romantic longing and self-worth are given a searing, gothic kick.

For Myth and MRKRYL, “DIE 4 U” will soundtrack countless nights of warehouse stardom and debauchery. Listen to it below via SoundCloud.

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