Mama Kokomo: “Primavera Feel”

Mama Kokomo is an LA dream pop trio with a penchant for atmospheric instrumentation, jangly percussion, and psychedelic soundscapes. Consisting of Krista Michaela, Hank Smith and Dorvin Borman (whose track “Wrath” featured on our March Barn Playlist), the group’s lush debut single “Primavera Feel” highlights ethereal guitar work and Michaela’s stunning, soothing vocals.

Opening with pulsating drum machines and dueling guitar melodies, “Primavera Feel” is full of melancholy and Romanticism. The song’s layers of subtle instrumentation build and coalesce into a tapestry of catchy indie pop. Over hazy, swelling synths and offbeat rhythms, Michaela expresses a deep longing for a future unknown, and pledges to leave behind a turbulent past: “There’s a winter, there’s a winter in my head / Body sinking, body’s sinking out of it.” Her tranquil voice perfectly fits the track’s dream-like vibe. On the chorus, she croons “When the world’s against the will / I want that Primavera Feel”itching to turn over a new leaf. Overall, it’s an animated song that boldly embraces the pursuit of a new, uncertain future.

Recording out of Silverlake, Mama Kokomo plan to release several new songs as well as an official EP later this summer. When that record drops, check back here for full coverage. And listen to “Primavera Feel” below via SoundCloud.


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