Welcome back all you Barn Cats as we take you around the world for this month’s Barn Playlist! Here in San Diego, June Gloom is in full swing, but it’s heating up everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere. Fittingly, this eclectic set leads off with the searing grunge tapestries of Oklahoma City’s Skating Polly. We’ll then take you on a detour to check out the latest from Kyoto math-rock maestros Tricot, followed by the fiery dissonance of New Jersey underground rap upstart Grey Theory. We’ll then chill out down under to the ascendant indie rock of Melbourne’s Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, as well as the intense, pummeling soundscapes of Brisbane shoegazers Terra Pines.

We’ve also got new stuff from Chicago footwork pioneer RP Boo in addition to the tearful collaboration between Clams Casino and the late great Lil Peep. Psych rock, dream-pop, thrash metal, and a fluffy R&B joint about missing your dead dog pop up on this month’s Playlist. Dive in below via Spotify AND Apple Music!

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