Bernard Jabs: “Wesson”

Of all the young rappers currently rising through the ranks, Bernard Jabs possibly has the best flow and delivery. On tracks like “END GOAL” and “super saiyan,” he absolutely bounces around the uptempo beats like they were a jungle gym—his high-pitched, nasally Q-Tip-esque flow unraveling with rapid-fire speed. Overall, he’s an artist with unbridled enthusiasm who finds ways to jump onto an airy beat and utterly dominate. And his newest song “Wesson” is yet another example of that.

Following “Gold Mint”his anthemic team-up with LA duo Best Picture—”Wesson” kicks off with hypnotic production from frequent collaborators SIDEPCE & Nick Mira. The beats are dark and cerebral, with ethereal guitar and keyboard melodies clashing with pulsating hi-hats. It’s a unique tapestry upon which the Georgia rapper unleashes his clinical verses. This time around, his rhymes feel more personal and confessional: “I be stuntin like my daddy / Feel like Wayne, feel like Baby / This shit make you feel good / Like it’s crack in the ’80s.” It’s a vivid portrait of youthful ambitions and consequences, with the chorus “With the Wesson, with the Wesson / Ain’t no going back and forth I got the Wesson / Ain’t no going back I heard you learned your lesson” feeling like the intro to a mission statement. It’s some of his most raw and honest work to date.

Also, Bernard Jabs will release an EP later this summer called FULL CLIP: RELOADEDWhen that record drops, we’ll be sure to bring you full coverage. In the meantime, listen to the dynamic “Wesson” below via SoundCloud. 

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