The Frights: “CRUTCH” video

At this moment, The Frights are the most buzzed-about band from San Diego. The Poway garage punks have surged in popularity since releasing 2016’s You Are Going To Hate This, and have since signed with legendary label Epitaph for their next release. A few weeks ago, they dropped an anthemic new single called “CRUTCH,” and now they’ve released its accompanying, junk food-riddled music video.

The concept for the video features the four band members all seemingly squished inside a suitcase that’s flying around in the back of a van. With their heads smushed together, the van careens around town, spilling the driver’s snacks – potato chips, Hostess cakes, candy bars, etc. – all over the band members’ faces. Eventually, the driver pulls up to a concert venue with the Frights on the marquee, grabs the suitcase, and carries them inside. The song includes the band’s signature crunchy guitar riffs, uptempo rhythms, and singer Mikey Carnevale’s crisp vocals. It’s a goofy and sloppy video fully capturing their bratty, rough-and-tumble nature.

With the release of this single/video, a new Frights album could be on the horizon. When it’s officially announced, we’ll be sure to bring you full coverage. In the meantime, watch the video for “CRUTCH” below.



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