03 Greedo: “Floating”

Sadly, the prolific rising LA rapper 03 Greedo will soon begin a nearly 20-year prison sentence for drugs and weapon possession. For most musicians, a setback like this one is career-ending. But for Greedo, it’s only given him extra motivation to truly make his mark in hip-hop. As such, his new mission is to make as much music as humanly possible. For a rapper who frequently releases 20-plus-song albums clocking in at well over an hour, that could mean endless material. In recent interviews, Greedo’s mentioned he plans to record 30 albums (!!!) before going away. It’s a daunting but inspiring move.

Assumedly, we can expect a steady stream of Greedo material to drop for the next couple decades. Which brings us to “Floating,” the spacey new single he dropped earlier this week. Greedo’s syrupy vocals are all over this 5-minute track, which features incredibly groovy production and laid-back vibes. “Walking on air / Walking on water / Floatin” he croons over chilled-out, warbling beats. As the track progresses, he continually touches on motifs of liberation and immunity: “I can touch the sky I’m high enough / chop a pipe behind us load it up.” On “Floating,” it’s clear that despite his impending prison stint, 03 Greedo is feeling more unshackled than ever before.

Fear not, Greedo fans. Our boy may be going away for a while, but he’s got a near-endless cascade of tunes to tide us over. Check back here when more stuff drops. For now, listen to “Floating” below via SoundCloud.

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