Best Picture: “Ceiling” (feat. Lil West)

LA production team Best Picture are continuing their roll through 2018 with a new single released today called “Ceiling,” featuring a poignant guest appearance from rising Delaware rapper Lil West. It comes hot off the heals of their magnetic Bernard Jabs collaboration “Gold Mint.”

“Ceiling” is an emotional hip-hop ballad that hinges on a guitar-driven beat and understated hi-hat percussion. Opening with a flowing guitar melody, the track embodies many of the signature elements of Best Picture’s production – haunting atmospherics, ambient vocal samples, bendy synths, and nostalgia-tinged themes. Lil West’s sweet, syrupy vocal delivery has a searing effect, as he sings “I think I’m better off dying alone / Still don’t know the difference when you’re right and wrong / These the type of things that make me write these songs about you.” Overall, it’s a bittersweet confessional song full of romantic longing, regret, and even a touch of hope: “I know there’s days I hit the floor / There could be more / If they hit the ceiling / My love’s softly somewhat healin.” At one point, West breaks away and lays down a rapid-fire verse bursting with energy and passion. It’s a cathartic moment on a track full of mixed emotions.

“Ceiling” marks another triumph for Best Picture, who still have an Adamn Killa collaboration to add to their prolific 2018 run. Meanwhile, Lil West is readying a pair of EPs for release later this summer. When those projects drop, we’ll be sure to bring you full coverage. In the meantime, listen to “Ceiling” below via SoundCloud.

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