Iglooghost: “Niteracer”

Fast-rising IDM maestro and Brainfeeder affiliate Iglooghost has announced a pair of new EPs – Clear Tamei and Steel Mogu – set to drop August 8. And now, he’s given us a taste of the latter with the release of a new single called “Niteracer.”

Right off the bat, “Niteracer” is an explosion of bombastic swirl, and a continuation of the frenetic style that Seamus Malliagh perfected on last year’s debut LP Neo Wax Bloom. He combines towering stabs of warped synths with stuttering, off-kilter 808 percussion and warbling, high-pitched vocal samples. The result is sleek, angry and gleefully disorienting – akin to the manic sounds of PC Music and Rustie. It’s another massive triumph for the forward-thinking producer from Dorset, England.

Additionally, Iglooghost has revealed some details on the pair of upcoming EPs. Clear Tamei apparently “channels lavish string quartets and melancholic, fictional classical instruments,” while Steel Mogu will be “a hyperspeed collage of synthetic, trance-influenced synths contorting around violent, mutating 808s.” Clearly, “Niteracer” fits right in with the latter. You can pre-order the EPs HERE and HERE. When those records drop, we’ll be sure to bring you full coverage. In the meantime, listen to “Niteracer” below via Soundcloud.

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