Drew Pelisek: LIVE at 4th of July Barn Bash 2018

Tap those kegs and bust out your illegal fireworks, because it’s time for yet another 4th of July Barn Bash. This time around, At The Barn is proud to present 2018’s performer, Drew Pelisek!

Being that Drew is a close friend of ours, we’ve had the pleasure of watching his musical career evolve by leaps and bounds, and we’re thrilled to have him onboard Barn Bash 2018. Drew cut his teeth here in San Diego in the DIY scene, performing in a number of groups in venues like the Che Cafe, SOMA, and Mira Mesa’s long-gone Epicentre. After touring in bands such as Weatherbox and CHON, Drew joined up with math rock cult-heroes The Fall Of Troy as their touring and backing vocalist, and is now considered an official member of the band.

This past May, Drew put out his debut solo record Rook Plus, an imaginative and diverse album of folky indie, lo-fi rock, and electronic experimentation. Oscillating between minimal and lush soundscapes, Drew finds a melodic sweet spot on songs such as “Rippin” and “15,” in which riffy guitars, sparse percussion and heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics give off breezy, wide-eyed vibes. Meanwhile, the shoegazy track “The Process” flows and vibrates with a captivating, understated energy. Also, there’s the sweet, cathartic final track “White Room Too,” full of poignant melodies and romantic longing. And then there’s the spazzy electronica freakout “Skip 2 (My Lou),” which features a barrage of stuttery 808 beats and animalistic shrieking. It’s some heady, disorienting stuff, and just one of example of the album’s numerous creative left turns.

On Rook Plus, Drew always keeps you guessing. It’s an honest and varied record whose songs should play out wonderfully in a live setting. Also, this will mark his first time ever performing these songs live. One day, you’ll be able to say you were there. Barn Bash 2018 starts at 2, though Drew’s performance will fall somewhere in the golden hour of 5-6. This is technically a private event, so for RSVP details, visit our event page HERE. And listen to some cuts off Rook Plus below:

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