New Me: “Something Green”

New Me is the solo moniker of Spooky Cigarette member Jakob McWhinney. Today he released “Something Green,” the A-side single to his upcoming debut 7″.

Featuring a lot of similar warped-synth aesthetics prominent in Spooky Cigarette’s music, “Something Green” is a catchy, melodic psychedelic new wave anthem full of brooding vocals and propulsive, dancey percussion. It’s also brimming with poignant lyricism about self-worth, perseverance, and finding the light at the end of the tunnel. “Sometimes you watch your life from above/ Sometimes the root’s too deep to dig up/ Sometimes the hand won’t fit the glove/ But I want to believe there’s a place we can be/ Sheltered from the breach/ To make a special moon of me.” Overall, it’s a heart-on-your-sleeve tune that will soundtrack many late-night goth-dance parties to come.

Also, there’s a neat accompanying lyric video that features a plethora of vague sci-fi imagery and retro graphic effects. New Me’s Something Green/Any God 7″ comes out on August 31 on Bleeding Gold Records. You can pre-oder it HERE. And watch the video for “Something Green” below.

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