A Film In Color: ‘They March In Endless Circles’

A Film In Color is a thrashy, ambient shoegaze/post-rock trio from New Jersey. Last month, they released their debut LP They March In Endless Circles, a piercing document of noisy, towering soundscapes and cathartic emotions. It’s their first full-length release since their 2014 debut EP To Scale A Mountain.

The album impressively oscillates between sparse moments of silence and serenity, and shrieking spurts of lo-fi bombast. On opening track “Blood Horizon,” a quiet layer of guitar haze slowly builds for minutes on end until it unravels into a dramatic wall of noise reaching stratospheric sonic heights. Meanwhile, minimal thudding percussion keeps the track chugging along in ethereal, atmospheric ways. The band’s adventurous palette of shoegaze sounds morphs and bends amidst dauntless post-rock structures. Also, “For You Are Not Death” features lush, pummeling instrumentation that snowballs in dramatic, monolithic ways. And then there’s the album’s high point – the vast, wandering “Hollow Monument.” It’s a song that serves as a true sonic journey from start to finish, with slowly-unfolding fuzzy guitar melodies bending and contorting in a series of dense crescendos. Overall, They March In Endless Circles is a white hot record of lo-fi textures sure to send listeners into a static trance, and a huge triumph for A Film In Color.

They March In Endless Circles is out now on Science Of Silence Records. You can purchase it HERE. And listen to “Blood Horizon” below via Bandcamp.


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