MRKRYL: “They Told Me To Tell You To Hang On”

Calgary producer MRKRYL is on a hot streak right now. We covered “DIE 4 U,” her ghostly collaboration with London production unit MYTH, and we featured her enthralling single “Holy Smokes” on our June Barn Playlist. And just recently, she dropped a dark and propulsive new single, the ominously titled “They Told Me to Tell You to Hang On.”

The song pulls you in with deep, slithering bass synths that eventually morph and explode in a crescendo of echoey vocal samples and smashing hi-hats. It’s vintage MRKRYL: suspenseful lo-fi soundscapes and towering, pummeling percussion. The production is lush and full of quirky surprises at every corner; foreboding piano notes, warped synths and staticky atmospherics weave in and out. Overall, it’s a stunning blend of witch-house, gothic dark wave, trap and glitchy IDM.

So far, this is the fifth solo single MRKRYL has released in 2018. And while nothing has yet been announced, it looks like an official full-length release is on its way. If and when that drops, we’ll be sure to bring you full coverage. In the meantime, listen to “They Told Me to Tell You to Hang On” below via Soundcloud.

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