Toy Light: “Bootleg Love Letter”

Toy Light is a musician from Los Angeles who makes dark, trippy, electronica-infused alternative rock. We were huge fans of his recent LP Never Really Into You, and we featured his propulsive track “Spiral” on our May Barn Playlist. Now, he’s released a groovy new single called “Bootleg Love Letter.”

Opening with sparse percussion and a layer of droning bass, the track takes flight with a very impressive melodic guitar riff that chugs along with momentum and intention. His pure, understated vocals maximize the song’s emotional impact as he croons on themes of regret, melancholy, romantic longing, and other bittersweet vibes. “Can it be this way?/ I’ve got some things to say/ I know what’s hurting me/ All this uncertainty/ But you’re the one for me/ And they will come for me/ But we can leave today/ Girl I’ll do anything/ Just come in closer/ I never told ya/ I wanna hold ya…” he pleads as the song segues into a rollicking instrumental jam featuring lots of neat guitar noodling and thudding snares. For over six minutes, the track gathers serious momentum, snowballing with added intensity on each passing musical riff. Overall, it’s a poignant, off-kilter rock song flirting with dynamic post-punk structures. And it’s yet another triumph for Toy Light.

“Bootleg Love Letter” is available for purchase on Bandcamp HERE or on Apple/Spotify streaming. You can also listen to it below via Soundcloud.

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