Brennan Savage & Fish Narc: “More Than Ever”

Brennan Savage is an LA-based rapper and singer who grew up here in San Diego. Meanwhile, Fish Narc is an LA-based producer originally hailing from Seattle. Both are members of the GOTHBOICLIQUE collective that featured the late, great Lil Peep. Recently, the two frequent collaborators got together to work on a rock-tinged project, and yesterday, they released the first single called “More Than Ever.”

Featuring the sort of down-tempo, guitar-based beat-making that’s become a staple of the GOTHBOICLIQUE scene, “More Than Ever” is packed with deep goth vibes and poignant lyricism. Savage’s voice is moody and pure as he croons over a slinky guitar riff and pulsating hi-hats: “It’s quiet in the nighttime/ I can hear your voice inside my head/ Screaming in my dreams to stay alive/ And you shot me dead.” It’s an incredibly cathartic track that leans heavily into the emo aesthetics that Lil Peep so expertly pioneered in his own unique brand of hip-hop. Here, Savage and Fish Narc take those stylings to another level, with themes of isolation, self-care and romantic longing weaving in and out of lush, dark soundscapes. Overall, it’s a track that vividly tackles the alienating feelings associated with being alone. But ultimately, there’s a sense of comfort in hearing Savage pour his heart out so honestly.

Additionally, the duo has announced the upcoming release of their GARBAGE EP, set to drop July 27. We’ll bring you further coverage of that in a few days. In the meantime, listen to “More Than Ever” below via Soundcloud.

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