pkwy: “Punisher”

pkwy is a garage-y indie rock band from LA and an At The Barn favorite whose first single “Come on Baby, Let’s Go” featured on our April Barn Playlist. It’s been relatively quiet on their end lately, but this week they dropped a brand new track called “Punisher” and announced the upcoming release of their debut EP Giant.

Whereas “Come on Baby, Let’s Go” was a sparse, minimal indie slow-jam, “Punisher” is uptempo and features lush, shreddy guitar power chords and pummeling percussion. The song opens slowly and slithers along as the instrumentation snowballs and eventually crescendos into a huge, thrashy ending climax. It’s a cathartic garage-rock song with lyrics full of vibrant imagery and heavy on the matter-of-fact slacker vibes: “Slackers are acting tough/ Born in Los Angeles/ Light up a Camel Crush just for fun/ Just for fun…” Overall, it’s an impressive sonic leap forward for pkwy, and a perfect single for those low-stakes summer hang-out vibes.

The band hasn’t yet announced an official release date for Giant, but recently indicated that it’s coming out “soon.” When that EP drops, we’ll be sure to bring you full coverage. In the meantime, you can purchase “Punisher” HERE or listen to it below via Bandcamp.

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