Yves Tumor: “Noid”

Yves Tumor is a chameleonic electronic musician and singer based in Turin, Italy. This week, he released his first single for Warp Records in nearly a year, a shimmering, thrilling slice of neo-disco and experimental dance called “Noid.”

Backed by towering orchestral atmospherics, an ultra-funky bassline, and propulsive percussion, Yves Tumor’s voice absolutely bounces across the track’s visceral soundscapes. “Sister, mother, brother, father/ Have you looked outside?/ I’m scared for my life/ They don’t trust us/ I’m not part of the killing spree” he sings in a gruff but direct inflection, his creeping nerves juxtaposing with the track’s outwardly playful vibes. That tension ratchets up as the instrumentation builds and swells throughout with subtle electronic quirks and piercing samples. Eventually, the song snowballs into a blown-out, extravagant closing jam that sends it to peaking new heights. Overall, it’s a darkly groovy piece of experimental dance-pop, and another huge triumph for Yves Tumor.

With this new single, a full-length follow-up to last year’s Experiencing The Deposit of Faith could be in the works. We’ll be sure to keep tabs on that situation. In the meantime, listen to “Noid” below via YouTube.

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