Hello and welcome back all you Barn Burners to a yet another edition of the Barn Playlist! As the dying embers of summer continue to burn out, we’re hitting you with a scorching hot serving of new music from some explosive up-and-comers and some newly-minted stars.

Leading off the set is French group Birds In Row’s intense brand of melodic hardcore. After that we’ve got the anthemic indie garage of LA’s pkwy, the fiery cerebral hip-hop of New Jersey’s mUsa, and the dreamy new wave synth-pop of San Diego’s own New Me. Beyond that, there’s Popcaan’s funky slice of modern Reggaeton, Itoa’s walloping jungle/Drum’n’Bass tapestry, and Iglooghost’s bizarre, hypnotic mash-up of grime and IDM. And finally, bringing it all home is a poignant electronica-infused indie ballad from At The Barn fave Toy Light. There’s some breeziness, some darkness, a few sweltering hot bangers, and everything in between. What’s not to love? Dive into the good vibes below via Apple Music AND Spotify.

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