Tambourines: “90210Blivion”

One of our favorite up-and-coming LA bands Tambourines released a brand new single today, the jangly and groovy “90210Blivion.” This new one follows their excellent split single “Long Goodbye”/”Going Under,” which was released back in April.

“90210Blivion” opens with stabbing, garage-y guitar riffs and keyboards. Also, propulsive percussion and sweetly hazy vocals spur on this uptempo tune, which is gazy and psychedelic in all the best ways. The band conjures a relaxed and dreamy vibe thanks to strong, fuzzy lo-fi soundscapes. The mid-section of the song features a neat rhythmic breakdown with pulsating drums and dazed guitar atmospherics that is utterly entrancing. When the instrumentals segue back into the final chorus, it feels like you’ve come out of a euphoric, heady daydream. It’s a perfect song to soundtrack the dying embers of summer.

With Tambourines continuing their roll through 2018, it’s possible that a full-length release is in the works. If we hear of anything, we’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, listen to “90210Blivion” below via Spotify.

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