Sangam: “Dawn On You”

Sangam is a prolific producer from Britain who makes deeply atmospheric, ambient electronica music. Earlier this year, we reviewed his Dream Catalogue label mate KAGAMI Smile’s excellent album Anxiety, and now he’s dropped a beautiful, ethereal new single called “Dawn On You.”

Opening with sparse samples of drizzling rain and hazy synth ambiance, the track expansively explores delicate and subtle sonic textures that are equal parts visceral and emotional. Sangam’s signature style is cinematic and galvanizing, with his moody soundscapes resembling film score arrangements that pull and tug at all the heartstrings. At times, the song feels haunting and ominous, while other times it feels melancholic and peaceful. His style is minimal and tranquil, but somehow is able to run the gamut of emotions. Furthermore, faded vocal samples, swelling metallic vibrations and stormy noise quirks punctuate this dramatic slice of ambient electronica. “Dawn On You” is just one of a number of poignant tracks off Messiah, his latest album that came out last week. You can purchase that album HERE.

Additionally, “Dawn On You” makes an appearance on Romanian label Sea Of Clouds’ V/A-HOPE-A Compilation to Benefit the Hope Association. That collection of tunes features 18 tracks from 18 dynamic artists from around the globe – ranging in style from abrasive noise to ambient trap. All proceeds go to the HOPE Animal Protection Agency in Bucharest. You can purchase the full compilation HERE and learn more about the organization HERE. In the meantime, check out Sangam’s “Dawn On You” below via SoundCloud.

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