pkwy: ‘Giant’ EP

Los Angeles indie rockers pkwy are one of our favorite up-and-coming bands. We were big fans of their first two singles “Come On Baby, Let’s Go” and “Punisher,” both of which featured on previous Barn Playlists. Now, the group has released its debut EP Giant, a rollicking mix of heart-on-your-sleeve, chilled-out indie slow jams and shreddy garage rock rippers.

In addition to the aforementioned singles, Giant features three brand new tracks, including the opening title song, a sparse, reverb-heavy slow-burn that showcases the band members’ impressive knack for harmonies. That very nicely sets the stage for the walloping “Punisher” to come through with its thrashy, noisy climax. “So COME ON COME ON COME ON COME ON…” shouts singer Ian Green, full of bravado. There’s also new single “Hey Kid,” a jangly up-tempo jam that includes some rhythmic guitar riffs, blasts of lo-fi power chords, and vivid lyrics about self-loathing: “Put that gun to my head/ pull the trigger I’m dead/ I’m a waste I’m a waste/ This is what I deserve.”

The songs on Giant touch on the plight of growing up and growing older in Los Angeles, and its many mixed emotions – loneliness, complacence, feeling insignificant, but also the power of passion, sincerity, and friendship. Also, the album is full of amusing moments and hilarious slacker imagery that manages to keep things relatable and light. This includes references to getting high and playing Super Smash Bros, eating chocolate, smoking Camel Crushes, and a line about “feeling the weight in my underpants” (LOL). Nothing really encapsulates this broad spectrum of millennial wonder than the playful album closer “Staying Up Late,” packed with childlike awe as well as doses of bittersweet melancholy. It’s a sweet and cathartic closer to a brilliant debut EP that further positions pkwy as a band on the rise. You can purchase Giant HERE, and listen to a few cuts below via Bandcamp.

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