Planet B: “Crustfund” (feat. Kool Keith)

Planet B is a project from The Locust and Dead Cross’ Justin Pearson and Sonido de la Frontera’s Luke Henshaw. With their self-titled debut full-length LP dropping on November 23, the duo has released a new single and video featuring legendary rapper Kool Keith called “Crustfund.”

It’s a propulsive, noisy track that’s got a little bit of everything: touches of hardcore, industrial electronica and hip-hop. Clattering drum machines, wailing synths and keyboards, and Pearson’s guttural screams collide, with Kool Keith laying down a confrontational and forceful verse addressing all the “hypocrites” and “political monsters” out there. Overall, it’s another heady and galvanizing track from the San Diego band following the release of the album’s first single “Manure Rally.” Also, they’ve released the music video showing grainy, staticky footage of the duo and Kool Keith recording the song in Penguin Studio. Planet B comes out November 23 via Three One G and Ipecac, and it features a stellar roster of guests including Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Nick Zinner, Killing Joke’s Martin Atkins, and The Locust’s Gabe Serbian and Joseph Karam. You can pre-order it HERE. And watch the video for “Crustfund” below.

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