6th Floor Orchestra: ‘Dama Satanica/Cuerdas de Bruja’ 7″

Here’s a chilling Halloween special for ya! Today, a supergroup calling themselves the 6th Floor Orchestra and featuring members of Psychopop, Angels Dust, Black Magic, Auramics and a few other experimental New York/LA/San Diego bands released a split 7″ of seriously wild psychedelic jams called “Dama Satanica” and “Cuerdas de Bruja.” It features tons of scary, ambient vocal samples, screaming, ominous bass and guitar riffs, and heady, off-kilter percussion. Overall, it’s a trippy but groovy record that should slink and creep perfectly onto your Halloween party playlist.

Opening track “Dama Satanica” is definitely more scatterbrained and random, with unsettling growls and giggles ushering in a wave of strange horror sounds that eventually coalesce into a brief rhythmic psych-pop groove. Meanwhile, “Cuerdas de Bruja” takes on more structure, with jazzy percussion, electronic melodies and funky basslines giving it the distinct flavor of lounge music. No doubt it’s a bizarre sonic combination; the band describes their style as “Psychedelic/Music Concréte/Library Music/Horror/Giallo.” Whatever that means, it’s some seriously freaky stuff. You can purchase it HERE or sample it below via Bandcamp.

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