70th Street Carlos: “Wake Me Up”

Baton Rouge’s 70th Street Carlos is one of the most exciting up-and-coming rappers in the game. Bolstered by a boisterous flow, anthemic lyrics and beats that fully incorporate soulful regional Louisiana sounds, Carlos has built up a rabid Soundcloud following and is now starting to really break into the mainstream. And last week he released a new track called “Wake Me Up” that will definitely accelerate that process.

“Wake Me Up” is built around an infectious lead guitar riff, organic percussion and funk bass lines. Meanwhile, Carlos absolutely floats over these psychedelic-leaning beats: “For my mama I just wanna get her everything/ For my daughter I just wanna get her everything/ I’m married to the streets but I don’t have a wedding ring,” he professes, full of bravado. Overall, the song serves as the mission statement of 70th Street Carlos, and he sells it with clever rhymes and uncaged charisma. He’s absolutely someone we’ll continue to watch out for. You can check out more of his material HERE, and listen to “Wake Me Up” below via Soundcloud.

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