mUsa: “Ghosts”

Rising rapper mUsa has had a breakthrough year, releasing a handful of promising singles, an EP, as well as his excellent debut LP Capital U. Now to cap off his prolific roll through 2018 (and to celebrate his 22nd birthday), the New Jersey artist has dropped a brand new single called “Ghosts,” which he also self-produced.

It’s an impressive, lush slice of hip-hop production, with a faint, atmospheric lead guitar sample anchoring propulsive drum machine beats and pulsating trap hi-hats. It’s a melodic tapestry upon which mUsa unleashes a combination of vivid, socially-conscious rhymes as well as themes of self-worth: “It ain’t hard to find/ Yeah we be in the 9/ got that carbine/ Free all my brothers that be doin time.” Also, he’s full of clever lines that touch on his own state of mind: “Subtractin/ I cut off ties that’s a fraction” and “There’s no acting lesson, I’m not relaxed I’m always stressin.” One of the great strengths of his music is his ability to channel his inner feelings in reaction to the madness that he depicts. On “Ghosts,” he pulls that off effortlessly.

In addition, mUsa said he recently recorded up to 30+ new tracks. We will eagerly keep tabs on that situation and bring you full coverage whenever some of those songs are released. In the meantime, listen to “Ghosts” below via Soundcloud.

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