The Verigolds: ‘Sea of Zebras’ EP

The Verigolds are one of the hottest bands coming out of San Diego at the moment, combining indie pop, electronica, and psychedelic soundscapes. They’ve acquired some nice buzz since dropping their 2016 debut album For Margaret, performing at major festivals such as Lightning in a Bottle and KAABOO, and opening for acts like The Naked and Famous and Ghostland Observatory. And just last week, the band released a brand new EP called Sea of Zebras.

The 4-track album opens with the creeping, atmospheric lead single “Sirens,” featuring rhythmic guitar licks and pulsating percussion that crescendos along with a wall of swelling synths. It’s initially a very intimate song that eventually unfolds into something more epic and dancey, complete with a stirring saxophone solo. The next track “Polarized” is another moody banger that reels in hints of folk and new wave – groovy guitar riffs, dance-punk quirks, as well as purely heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics. “The feelings go round and around and I’m flying higher/ I’ll leave the light on of the morning/ And I think it’ll take a lifetime but I’m going” croons singer Jenna Cotton, her stunning voice gravitating the song to soaring heights. The track’s second half bridge/breakdown is a heady flurry of synths, lead guitar, eerie vocal effects, and pummeling drums.

The rest of the album flashes some deep psychedelic sensibilities, with “Hypnotized” wrapped in warped synths and colorful, off-kilter piano notes. Meanwhile, album closer “India” is an ominous, trippy jam featuring entrancing keyboards, uptempo percussion and an absolutely funky bassline. Also, Cotton’s vocals are equal parts soothing and haunting. Overall, Sea of Zebras is a blast – an eclectic clash of indie and dance-pop styles, with incredibly tight instrumentation and stark moods on display every step of the way. It’s a fun ride from start to finish, and another promising step forward for The Verigolds. You can purchase the EP HERE, and sample it below via Bandcamp.

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