Wicca Phase Springs Eternal: “Waiting Here” (feat. Lil B)

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal is the moniker of Adam McIlwee, a GOTHBOICLIQUE musician blending electronic, goth, hip-hop, punk and ambient textures. He’s emerged as one of the most promising and enigmatic voices in the wake of Lil Peep’s passing, and he’s beginning to garner mainstream recognition. Today, he dropped an emotional new song featuring a dynamic guest verse from the legend Lil B.

Produced by Taylor Morgan, “Waiting Here” is an umtempo track featuring ominous goth-pop melodies that clash with propulsive trap hi-hats. The song feels equal parts confessional and anthemic. “First I put a light on for you/ Then I draw a bath myself/ Sometimes I’m aligned within you/ Other times I’m someone else,” he admits. Fluttery keyboards help punctuate the track’s touching, gut-wrenching impact. Also, the desperate, emotional “come on come on come on come on/Let me in let me in let me in let me in” plea is a nice touch borrowing from Tigers Jaw’s “Slow Come On.”¬†Furthermore, the BasedGod’s verse is a true showstopper – sincere and totally in step with the track’s tone. His dazed vocal croon is the cherry on top of a truly beautiful ballad. Listen to it below via Soundcloud, and check out more Wicca Phase Springs Eternal HERE.


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