The Mad Walls: “It Turns” & “Eternal Light”

Back in October, I attended the Desert Daze music festival and had the time of my life. Ever since my first concert (JET in 2004, LOL), I’ve kept a running document of every band/show I’ve seen. One of the high points of that Desert Daze weekend was hitting my 1000th live set threshold. The band I saw was The Mad Walls; they were riveting. Afterwards, I commemorated that achievement by sneaking backstage and taking photos with a few of the members. It was a special moment for me, and I’ve been keeping close tabs on The Mad Walls ever since.

And now to kick off 2019 right, the Los Angeles psychedelic outfit has released a split single featuring two excellent new tracks: “It Turns” and “Eternal Light.” The former is a somber, dream pop-infused slice of ’60s psychedelia, with earthy, atmospheric guitar melodies, understated percussion, and singer Christopher Mercado’s quietly hypnotic croon creating a mesmerizing sonic tapestry. Meanwhile, the latter is a more propulsive, uptempo jam featuring whispery vocals, pulsating drums, and a swirl of keyboards and lo-fi riffage yielding an ominous vibe filled with strange quirks and subtleties. There’s an uncaged, unpredictable aura packed within these dense psychedelic soundscapes that’s endlessly rewarding. It’s a beautiful blend of vintage and modern musical impulses. You can listen to “It Turns” and “Eternal Light” below via Bandcamp, and purchase the split single HERE.

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