Dorvin Borman: “In a Field So Far Away”

LA dream-pop musician and At The Barn favorite Dorvin Borman cut his teeth last year as one-third of the hazy trio Mama Kokomo, who released two excellent tracks “Primavera Feel” and “Valley of Heat.” Now nearly a year on from his own sparse, rippling solo debut single “Wrath,” Borman has dropped follow-up “In a Field So Far Away,” a more uptempo, maximalist and psych-pop-driven track that blends heavy, pulsating rhythms, crisp vocals, and shimmering atmospheric melodies.

“In a Field So Far Away” is a propulsive experimental jam that’s equally dancey and groovy as it is trippy and ethereal. With a funky, off-kilter bassline, dramatic synths, and Borman’s own pure, understated vocal performance, the track expands the boundaries of his traditional dream-pop sound to include more gazy and warped psychedelic textures. The song’s noisy closing crescendo surges along with anthemic ease; crunchy guitars, wonky synths and clattering percussion collide in a swirl of fuzzy lo-fi gravitas. At times, the track reminds one of Yves Tumor’s kinetic dance-pop experimentations, as well as the psychedelic dream-rock poignancy of Mercury Rev or The Radio Dept.

Overall, Borman crafts a lullaby that finds solidarity in others’ struggles, while still recognizing the levels of his own privilege and entitlement. Ultimately, “In a Field So Far Away” is about the beauty and relief of reaching that light at the end of a turbulent tunnel. It’s a track you’ll have blaring on repeat all day. 2019 is looking like a big year for Dorvin Borman, and we’ll be sure to bring you full coverage when he releases more material. In the meantime, listen to “In a Field So Far Away” below via SoundCloud.

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