BasedTJ & Paycheck: ‘LIFE WE LIVE’

BasedTJ is a producer and rapper from Dallas who’s made a name for himself producing several SoundCloud hits, including his and 6Silky’s beat “6Silky & BasedTj 2016” and Sahbabii’s “Purple Ape,” among many others. Along with frequent collaborator – young Louisiana rapper Paycheck – the duo has emerged as one of the most exciting creative partnerships in the game. Last year, they teamed up on a hypnotic and smooth track called “Life We Live,” and now they’ve unleashed a full-length mixtape of the same name. It’s a cohesive and entrancing record featuring fiery verses, moody production and honest, soul-bearing lyricism.

Opening track “Truss U, Pt 2” blends pulsating trap hi-hats and syrupy vocals, a perfect distillation of anthemic SoundCloud rap and future R&B. BasedTJ and Paycheck show off their unreal chemistry as they trade off verses amidst a flurry of fluttery synths. Next, the searing chorus on propulsive ballad “Let Me Know” lifts the vibe to euphoric heights, while the down-tempo, cavernous beats on “Alone” slow things down to ponder moments of sobering truth. The rest of the album continues to run the gamut of emotions on the back of a careening rollercoaster of beats and sounds. The floating piano notes on “Make A Way” provide the tapestry for a bittersweet, melancholic song, while the ominous and atmospheric BasedTJ solo track “BE” brings the tape to its uplifting, psychedelic conclusion.

‘LIFE WE LIVE’ is just the first of many chapters to come in the BasedTJ & Paycheck partnership. And we can’t wait to hear what comes next. You can listen to the entire mixtape HERE or sample it below via SoundCloud.

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