John War: “Track #4”

Earlier this week, we featured a new-ish song from rising LA musician John War, and today he’s dropped another stunner called “Track #4.” It’s a newly unearthed gem that War originally recorded three years ago – a sweeping blend of classic rock, new age pop, skittering electronica, and stirring singer-songwriter balladry. It’s a real ambitious mix of styles – like if Fleetwood Mac or The War On Drugs were to dabble in indie electro-pop or modern trap textures – and War pulls it all off with sniper-like precision.

“Track #4” is an effortlessly catchy indie-rock/pop song with an infectious melody and lush mixing and production. The song’s glitchy electronic percussion and soaring synth atmospherics elevate it to truly epic sonic places. A plethora of squiggly trap hi-hats cling to the track’s whirring power chords in jaw-dropping fashion, further weaving in and out of several electronic breakdowns and poignant choruses. It’s a truly unpredictable journey from start to finish, peppered with rapid rhythm changes, wistful vocal harmonies, and noodling lead guitar solos courtesy of Frankie and the Witch Fingers’ Josh Menashe. As War’s voice emerges more front and center, his effusive, pleading delivery in the chorus’s repeated line “what you’re feeling” demonstrates an emotive vocal range dripping with melancholy. It’s a bold, revealing track tackling emotional ambiguity in relationships, and the power of working through those uncertain feelings. It’s yet another triumph for John War. Listen to it below via Soundcloud.

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