Casedi: “You On You”

One of the more exciting artists emerging out of San Diego at the moment is not a rock band or a rapper, but a forward-thinking R&B songstress with an absolutely gorgeous, soulful voice named Casedi. The young singer and songwriter released a handful of excellent tracks last year, but she’s recently taken a huge creative leap forward with her latest single “You On You.” It’s a haunting and moody R&B ballad that fully establishes her as a buzzworthy musician on the rise.

Over a beat containing a noodling soul guitar riff, piercing drum pads and percussion quirks resembling dripping water, Casedi unleashes a smooth, silky vocal performance in which she floats effortlessly upon the song’s lush production. Here, she channels feelings of longing, doubt, regret, vulnerability, perseverance, and the notion that relationships can irrevocably change someone. The track’s thoughtful lyrics tackle these nuances with care and personal perspective: “Remember saying I’m fucking lucky voiding hurt/ But I guess you never cared for me, yeah/ Cuz you made a choice it wasn’t a mistake/ Now I’m doing things I said I’d never do/ Imma try to hurt you too.” Overall, it’s a stunning single blending the heart-on-your-sleeve bravado of ’90s stalwarts like Toni Braxton or Monica with the confessional, future R&B cynicism of Jeremih or Ty Dolla $ign. It’s a potent blend of sounds, and the perfect jumping-off point for Casedi’s inevitable 2019 rise. Listen to it below via Soundcloud.

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