OCE∆NSS: “Neuromancer X”

OCE∆NSS is a band from Mexico City that fuses gothic post-punk, garage-rock, and hazy industrial electronica. They’ve been at it for several years now, but earlier this week they returned with a rhythmically pummeling, uptempo noise jam called “Neuromancer X.” It’s straight-up one of the coolest DIY tracks we’ve heard in a long time – an adrenaline-fueled blend of propulsive IDM and shoegazy noise rock.

Rumbling static and skittering drums rattle the song into focus, with ominous, fuzzy synths creating an aura of dissonant calculated chaos. Lush and expansive instrumental atmospherics – including eerie warped vocal samples, slithery basslines, and a sprawling wave of guitar feedback – round out this song, which pulsates with suspense and effervescence. While careening forward in odd, quirky ways, the track’s momentum and sonic layers snowball before deflating completely – leaving you either thirsting for more, or savagely hitting the REPEAT button. However, you won’t have to wait long for more OCE∆NSS music; “Neuromancer X” is the first taste of their upcoming new EP Arctic. When that record drops, we’ll be sure to bring you full coverage. Until then, purchase “Neuromancer X” HERE, or listen to it below via Bandcamp.

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