Hello all you Barn Cats, and welcome back to Playlist time! We skipped January, and we’ve since missed you dearly. But thankfully, the first month of 2019 produced some unbelievable music. It’s already got us feeling that this is gonna be a truly stellar year for music; so let’s give you a taste of what’s in store. One of the criticisms we really took to heart is to feature more local music, and this Playlist has not one, not two, but SIX tracks from up-and-coming San Diego artists: psych-pop act Los Shadows, alt-rock upstarts Bad Kids, ethereal indie-poppers Naïveté, 1207 rappers Malik Burgers & Rob Stone, R&B crooner Casedi, and shoegaze duo Sugar Violets.

But that’s not all! We’ve got John War’s unique blend of classic rock and glitchy trap-electronica, Dorvin Borman’s psychedelic/dream-pop hybrid sounds, and Inspired & the Sleep’s shimmering indie-pop grooves. There’s also tracks from a pair of producer-rapper team-ups: Tuamie & Fly Anakin, and BasedTJ & PAYCHECK. And then there’s a dose of dreamy post-punk from Sweden’s Makthaverskan, mind-melting experimental electronica from veteran English band These New Puritans, and hard-nosed hood-rap from ascendant Detroit rapper Sada Baby. It’s everything and anything you could ever want from a DIY-leaning playlist. Listen to it below either via Apple Music or Spotify, and may the good vibes of 2019 roll on!

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