wych elm: “monkey jaw” & “help me”

wych elm are a gloomy garage rock band from Bristol. Earlier this week, they released a terrific split single featuring new songs “monkey jaw” and “help me.” In addition, they announced the release of their upcoming debut EP Rat Blanket, dropping in March via new Bristol label Post Mortem.

Opening track “monkey jaw” is an ominous and jangly jam highlighting singer Caitlin Elliman’s teasing vocals and savage, macabre lyrics – punctuated with sludgy bass lines and grungy, noodling guitar riffs. It’s a hypnotic swirl of indie garage and post-punk textures. Meanwhile, “help me” is a melodic alt-rock stomper, with its snarling, anthemic chorus inciting raw mosh-pit energy. Both songs are brief – 3 minutes 30 seconds combined – but they complement each other quite nicely. The songs’ music videos are minimal and well-done. The first features a lot of split-screen, with Elliman singing in one frame while the band’s nature shenanigans unfold in the other. The second clip then focuses entirely on the band frolicking in a forest with a sense of detached apathy. It’s got us seriously stoked for a full wych elm EP. Watch the videos below.

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