Chester Watson: “Time Moves Slower Here”

One of music’s most interesting emerging artists – and one of very our favorites – is soft-spoken Florida rapper Chester Watson. He initially caught our attention with his hypnotic feature on last year’s Best Picture track “Pantheon,” and he’d later release the mind-bending Project 0, one of the best hip-hop albums of 2018. Now, he’s released a brand new single called “Time Moves Slower Here” – in addition to its low-budget but visually stunning and psychedelic music video.

Like many Chester Watson songs, “Time Moves Slower Here” is short – under two minutes long – but it packs one seriously trippy punch. Most notable is how he fashions his sneaky, lackadaisical flow with an otherwise intense, laser-like execution – over beats that vibrate with quietly humming synths and spacey atmospherics. “I think time ticks slower when you watch it/ But I’m probably at the concert somewhere lost inside a mosh pit,” he opines, pondering the fine line between mind-numbing tediousness and raw adrenaline. Loungey, bass-dripping beats complement his incisive rhymes, while not a single bar is wasted: “And I’m three letters IOU on the D/ Sometimes life’s a warped record on repeat/ Micro-dosed LSD.” Overall, it’s a triumphantly heady and cerebral track.

Also, the song comes packaged with a visually dazzling DIY-shot video in which Watson raps in front of colorful, graffiti-tagged walls intercut with hazy skating footage. The cinematography is fuzzy and heavily-filtered, expertly capturing the track’s molasses-like sonics and Watson’s faded, drug-addled rhymes. You can watch it below, and buy the track HERE via Bandcamp.

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