Planet B: “(A) Not at All (B) Somewhat (C) Very Much” video

Last year, The Locust and Dead Cross member Justin Pearson and First Power Crew producer Luke Henshaw re-teamed under their moniker Planet B, and released their excellent self-titled sophomore album. It was a frenetic mix of noise-rock, off-kilter electronica, and defiant hip-hop. One of the album’s highlights was “(A) Not at All (B) Somewhat (C) Very Much,” in which Pearson’s snarling, rapping vocal delivery hovers over propulsive bass, warped synths, and glitchy drum machines, with vivid, fiery lyrics about being brainwashed or desensitized.

And now it’s received an awesome music video treatment courtesy of Displaced/Replaced. Through grainy VHS filters and like a paper cut-out, Pearson bursts out singing the track’s anthemic lyrics over footage of violent protests and riots. Also, there’s dark, silhouette-like footage interspersed throughout of Henshaw performing while the song’s lyrics flash in the background in digital clock-like fashion. Overall, it’s an appropriately intimidating video that perfectly highlights the song’s rebellious themes and vibes. You can watch it below. In the meantime, go ahead and purchase¬†Planet B HERE while you’re at it. If you’re looking for something noisy, angry and trippy, you won’t be disappointed.

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