Coldhart feat. Goa: “You Are Not Here” (prod. Fish Narc & Yawns)

In the wake of Lil Peep’s death, the members of GOTHBOICLIQUE continue to churn out excellent, genre-defying music – blending elements of indie rock, punk, emo, hip-hop, trap, and numerous other styles with chameleonic ease. A few in particular – rapper Coldhart and producers Yawns and Fish Narc – have released some truly stunning work lately. At the end of last year, Coldhart and Yawns teamed up on indie pop-punk single “Eyes,” while Fish Narc joined up with Brennan Savage for the grunge rock-leaning Garbage EP. Both projects showed great ambition, and infused their musical collective with an even greater depth of range. And earlier this week, all three came together to release a spectacular, heart-on-your-sleeve “stoner rock” ballad called “You Are Not Here,” with a poignant assist from Spanish rapper Goa.

“You Are Not Here” is full of lush guitars and bass, crashing drums, soaring melodies, and beautiful verses from Goa and Coldhart. Opening on the Spanish vocal hook “Dijeste no estás aquí,” the song chugs along in the form of an organic mid-tempo rock ballad – the perfect tapestry for Coldhart and Goa’s multi-lingual verses. “Could be your soldier, could be another love casualty/ No organ donor but girl you can have mi corazón/ I’m standing right here but every time I blink yea you gone,” Coldhart sings in his gravelly rap croon, the ebb and flow of relationship dynamics on full, heartbreaking display. Meanwhile, Goa comes through next with a jaw-dropping, Spanish-sung verse that hits you with a maximum dose of the feels. It’s a song that simultaneously expresses the frustrations of a relationship while still asserting that everything will be alright. Goa and Coldhart’s voices complement each other nicely, and Fish Narc and Yawns manage to wrangle the track’s many sonic impulses with sniper-like precision.

While nothing has been officially announced, can we assume that a full-length project along these stylistic lines is in the works? Maybe not, but we sure can hope. In any case, we’ll definitely be hearing more from these four in 2019, and we’ll be sure to bring you full coverage when more songs drop. In the meantime, listen to “You Are Not Here” below via Soundcloud.

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